4 Kitchen Tips To Make Meal Prep A Breeze 
August 12, 2015 #home
By Kathy Finney
While YouTube is great for viral videos of cute animals or incredible human feats, it is also teaming with information. People are eager to share their knowledge for everything from building a shelter from scratch to cutting an apple into a decorative swan. Whatever the topic, there is likely a YouTube tutorial dedicated to it. Some highly crafty and inventive minds have even made channels dedicated to sharing their ideas. 

Handimania is one such DIY Channel "for all creative creatures." Since it launched in 2013, the channel dedicated to home tips and craft tutorials has garnered over 300,000 subscribers and 86 million views. Their videos include innovative fashion to dinner party ideas that any savvy host needs in his or her arsenal. Below is a selection of some of their best every-day kitchen tips. Filmed with their signature pleasant and easy-to-follow style, these videos are sure to cut down on meal prep time, leaving you free to socialize with friends and family. 

A handful of cherry tomatoes is a great addition for salad. It adds color, texture, and a healthy boost of . Many prefer to have cut tomatoes in their salads, which makes it easier to pick up with a fork, but slicing each tomato is a pain for the chef. With this simple trick, anyone can serve up a simple tossed salad that rivals the polish typically only seen in restaurants. This simple method can also be used for grapes in a Waldorf salad. 

According to "The World's Healthiest Foods," these furry egg-sized fruits are packed with health benefits. Not only are they high in vitamin C and K, regular consumption of kiwi fruit has been in children. Still, the kiwi has not made its way into the list of common household fruits. This may, in part, be due to the hassle consumers feel about having to peel it. The video below demonstrates three easy ways to prep kiwi. Whether eating it alone or adding it to a tropical fruit salad, these methods make kiwi a breeze. 

The right tools are key for any endeavor. This is no less true in the kitchen, and a sharp knife can make all the difference. Not only does a properly sharpened knife speed cutting time, it also makes it easier to evenly cut foods for better presentation. Still, not every home is equipped with a whetstone, and sometimes a quick fix is needed. While it certainly won't rival a professional sharpening, here is a fast and easy method to get that knife edge ready. 

Even fans of home-baked goods might cringe at the idea of anything requiring a bunch of cherries. Some may even be hesitant to serve a bowl during a picnic or gathering in order to avoid having guests spitting pits throughout. Now even the most etiquette-concerned cherry fans can breathe easy. Using no special equipment- read as one less tool to clutter a drawer, anyone can quickly and easily pit a batch of cherries. 

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